Crypto Coin News


Crypto Coin News posts fairly regular videos regarding pretty much any type of cryptocurrency. His videos are often aimed at helping people know when and what to buy. His channel helps by providing relevant news, trends, and changes in the current market.

His investment methods are generally angled towards a bull market so if that’s your investment strategy, Crypto Coin News is worth the follow.

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Chris Dunn


Chris Dunn’s channel is rapidly growing with over two hundred thousand subscribers and counting. This channel focuses on techniques, tips, and tricks that can help people get the most returns on their investments.

His videos follow his personal investment techniques rather than focusing on news and data making it easier to follow for most people. It has a generally more hands-on feel without too much of the confusing numbers and marketing terms that turn most people off. 

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If you’re living in India and you need an insider’s opinion, Open4Profit is a great source of information. This channel is run by Zia ul Haque and he has had plenty of experience in the corporate world starting with software development and eventually investing in cryptocurrency.

His videos are often very relaxed and easy to understand making it great for beginners and pros. If you’re more invested into the technical side of cryptocurrency, he provides accurate analysis and strategies to maximize your investments.

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Altcoin Daily


Altcoin Daily, as the name suggests, makes it a point to upload the latest news and insights as often as possible. This channel is another great source if you want to keep up with the latest marketing trends. They also provide information on any changes with the market or the cryptocurrency you’re investing in.

While Altcoin Daily isn’t exactly qualified financial advisors, they do give you the news in a way that’s easy to consume and understand. It’s great if you’re just looking to keep up to date.

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Crypto Bobby


Crypto Bobby has several videos mostly discussing different kinds of cryptocurrencies and marketing trends. He also gives useful techniques on how to recognize patterns and how to properly exploit them. While he isn’t a qualified financial adviser, he has experience in enterprise software and he’s been investing in cryptocurrency for quite some time.

Aside from having a great source of information on Youtube, he also has a podcast if that’s more your speed.

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Despite being new to Youtube, CryptoTV has already amassed a great source of information on cryptocurrency and how to properly invest in things like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.  His channel started by focusing on Bitcoin but soon branched off to other types of cryptocurrency.

As of late, he has been focusing a lot on Litecoin making it a great source of news and information required to make your investments more lucrative. He also discusses current trends, potential pitfalls, and important people involved.

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Sunny Decree


Sunny Decree started out as a gaming Youtuber which clearly influenced his style in presenting and reporting on the latest news regarding Litecoin and other Cryptocurrency.

As he personally invests himself, he gives really useful insight as to which cryptocurrency is more lucrative at any given time. He posts 1-2 videos a day as well as occasional live streams to ensure his audience is kept up to date on the latest news. His channel also provides useful tips and tricks to navigate the market to maximize your investments.

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A lot of people consider DataDash to be one of the best channels for learning everything you need about cryptocurrency. Whether it’s information on different kinds of currencies, or relevant news and information, this channel is a great source for both.

The channel makes an effort to always keep up to date on any changes in the market and he provides excellent and accurate analytics regarding any changes. He also provides information on how different currencies affect different countries which could be advantageous to some.

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Crypto Daily


Crypto Daily is a Youtube channel that provides great insights into proper investment. The best part about his channel, and what separates him from most Youtubers, is that his channel gives credible and useful information while being entertaining. He brings a level of sarcasm that makes it much easier to understand and learn, especially for beginners.

His channel also makes it much easier to go through the video as he often adds timestamps throughout the video if you’re looking for a specific bit of information and you don’t want to spend too much time on Youtube.

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The Modern Investor


The Modern Investor is a Youtube channel that serves primarily as a way to educate people who are looking to invest and deal in cryptocurrency. This channel also provides relevant news articles, educational discussions, and valuable insights into what can be profitable or potential financial suicide.

As this type of investing is both new and confusing, this channel aims to help people make educated decisions and wise investments. The channel posts daily videos to make sure his audience is informed and up to date.

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Doug Polk Crypto


This cryptocurrency channel is run by Doug Polk. The channel reviews the latest information regarding various cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. While Doug isn’t a qualified financial advisor, he does spend a lot of time looking into the intricacies of investing and the different variations of cryptocurrencies.

As he believes that cryptocurrency is very unstable and sometimes volatile, the goal of the channel is to keep people updated on the latest news and what’s profitable at the moment in this fast-paced global economy.

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Where to get litecoins

You may want to delve into the cryptocurrency exchange market but probably confused on how to go about it. It is important to understand that just about anyone can sell or buy litecoins in the litecoin exchange market. All you need is an ideal litecoin exchange medium that will facilitate your exchange.

If you were buy to litecoins, finding the right exchange market could be a major challenge, however if you are able to find cryptocurrencies that are feasible in your country, then you are in luck. This enables you to have a wallet after signing in, where you can buy litecoins and carry out other litecoin-exchange related activities.

Decide whether to buy litecoins or mine them

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Best Exchanges to buy Litecoins

Cryptocurrencies have taken the online market business with intensity and they have grown rapidly an has even made people rich. However, you have to ine’ for
cryptocurrencies. The analysis of graphically represented data will help you get the best out of your cryptocurrencies. This is however made easier by the help of a couple of sites. You may wonder where to buy Litecoins, right. Litecoins are bought in the cryptocurrency exchange market. They are offered by a couple of sites. These Litecoins are bought and sold in these online platforms.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Use Of Litecoins

You know there are different cryptocurrencies continued the market late years So in this condition more noteworthy bit of investors befuddle going to invest for Electronic currency, Inspiration driving this Perplexity I have an Investing thought for to invest in Cryptocurrency, I have good involvement in Cutting edge currency and I have two or three contemplations How to Judge any currency that will be best for future or Not.

Litecoins are a kind of cryptocurrency that has made in predominance in light of the demand for elective currency decisions from customers around the globe.

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All About litecoin wallet online

This article will cover the best applications of Litecoin portfolios and hardware portfolios. We may want to give you enough choices so that you can choose the best wallet for your needs.

Litecoin hardware wallet

Hardware portfolios are the best choice if you need a safe limit on their litecoins.

Unless it’s a customer-oriented, wallet hardware is probably the least difficult and safest way to store your litecoins.

The incredible bitcoin spokesman Andreas Antonopoulos says:

If you have enough money, computer to the point where it would be extremely upset if he lost it, you should buy a wallet gear.

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The Litecoin vs. bitcoin

Despite the fact that Bitcoin remains the essential cryptographic money for some, this has not prevented several elective monetary forms from being discharged throughout the years. One of the first to show up on the scene was Litecoin in 2011. He is along these lines one of the most established “Old Coins” and a capable cryptographic money with a billion dollar showcase.

However, imagine a scenario where you experience Litecoin vs Bitcoin. Is there someplace preferable a cryptographic money over the other, or do both have their qualities? In this breakdown, we’ll combine the two up close and personal to see which one is the best to purchase for what you need to utilize.

In case you’re keen on more crypto examinations, read our Ethereum Guide and contrast it with Bitcoin.

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The world is getting digitalized. This is not limited to any given industry as a matter of fact some industries have taken it so well as though it was their breakthrough point. Online transactions are the common view in the finance industry. People are investing heavily in online trades and are
making lump sums of money. Cryptocurrencies have now become a common terminology to many people especially those keen on current affairs. What is this cryptocurrency? you may ask. Cryptocurrency is the kind of digital currency that uses cryptography technology to transact effectively. There are a number of cryptocurrencies and among them is namrcoin,kodakcoin,titcoin,bytecoin,nubit, bitcoin, and litecoin. However,
bitcoin and litecoin are rival companies.

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How to buy Litecoin?

The big alternative to bitcoin is the Litecoin. Here’s your guide on how to buy litecoins

1 Introduction

In late 2017, Litecoin prices have fallen. A few months in, Litecoins have shown great potential as stores of value and is an attractive investment option as Litecoin value is expected to rise. You can choose to buy litecoins as an alternative investment option over other available cryptocurrencies.

Like the rest of the cryptocurrencies, there are different ways to get Litecoin – you can mine them for yourself, but for convenience, you can choose to buy Litecoins.This is your guide on the best methods on how to buy Litecoin so that you can enjoy the litecoin’s appreciation in the future.

2 Buy Litecoin through an exchange

If you are only just in the beginning of buying cryptocurrencies, the best way to buy Litecoin is to buy it from an exchange. You can also do this if you prefer buying litecoins in a fairly straightforward style. The exchange will do much of the legwork for you.

The exchange will give you a quick and easy access to a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Despite being far from perfect, you can buy Litecoin without having to be hands-on for the trade.

2.1 How to choose an exchange when buying Litecoins

Because there are so many exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies, choosing the right exchange when buying Litecoin can seem like a daunting task for many. But in this guide on how to buy Litecoin, you’ll see why this need not be the case.

It is important to choose the correct exchange that suits your needs. What you want to do when buying Litecoin is to assess whether the
exchange is an established trading platform and if their insurance has coverage for any risk of loss. Essentially, the exchange must support trading of Litecoins.

Established trading exchanges include Bitstamp,Coinbase, and Kraken. You can also sift through as they have a comprehensive list of all major exchanges where you can buy Litecoin.

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Can you mine litecoin on a laptop?

If you can control the voltage of your laptop CPU and GPU, then it you can mine litecoins on your laptop.

If you power up and underclock your laptop. Do not operate a litecoin as this can be operated by ASIC. The other parts of the laptop will tend to overheat as they are not designed to work 24/7.