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EZ-DUB Makes Burning As Easy As 1-2-3


"I am not a computer expert and I never will be, but computers form an important part of our home. For many years now we own a computer and I really admire the things my husband and kids can do with it.


I always feel a little embarrassed when I have to ask them to help me when I want to save our
holiday pictures on a disc. I just don't know how to use burning software; it is just way too complicated
for me!


That's why I am so happy that we've bought this new EZ-DUB drive from Lite-On. With the touch of a button I can copy our favorite picture discs for sharing with family and instantly back-up all our valuable memories without the need to go through difficult burning software. I finally can create my own discs and that is what I like. That is why I choose for an EZ-DUB drive from Lite-On!"


If you are looking for an easy and efficient way of copying and storing digital content an EZ-DUB drive may be just the thing for you.

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EZ-DUB: All you need to know is how to press a button



EZ-DUB is a new patented feature exclusively for external Lite-On DVD writers making copying more easily and hassle-free than ever before. You no longer need to go through difficult software as the concept of EZ-DUB is incredibly easy. To make your burns with EZ-DUB all you need to know is how to press a button.





EZ-DUB: Works with the addtion of two buttons: 'DUB' and 'File'


The EZ-DUB function works with the addition of two buttons to the DVD writer: 'DUB' and 'FILE', respectively for copying discs and backing up files from your computer. Specially developed hardware connects these buttons to the writer. Specially developed software guides you through the process and makes the EZ-DUB easy to use. No computer  experience required at all!



EZ-DUB: Connect with your PC through USB



The EZ-DUB drive is connected with your PC through a USB 2.0 connection enabling fast writing speeds and easy installation. Just plug your DVD drive into your PC and you are good to go.


EZ-DUB: Activate through one-time installation




For activation of the EZ-DUB function you only have to insert the supplied software CD and select your desired language for a one-time installation.





EZ-DUB is 'as easy as 1-2-3'. Three simple steps are sufficient to perform al your burning tasks.

  • The 'DUB' button allows users to make a direct copy of a CD or DVD in three simple steps

  • The 'FILE' button allows users to back-up data from the PC, also in 3 simple steps


It only takes three simple steps to perform all your burning tasks with EZ-DUB™

Benefits of EZ-DUB




EZ-DUB: Easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand


EZ-DUB technology makes burning accessible for everyone. If you have limited knowledge of computers or limited experience with burning discs you will especially benefit from this technology. Copying and storing of digital content is easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand with EZ-DUB. All you need to know is how to press a button.




EZ-DUB: Conventional applications can be frustratingly difficult



Conventional burning software applications offer a lot of features which are not required most of the time. All those features you are not using not only make your PC unnecessarily slow, but also make you taking a lot of frustrating steps in a complicated menu structure before you can create your disc. With EZ-DUB, the functions you use the most, are readily available with a single press of a button.


EZ-DUB: A very efficient solution for the more exoerienced user





If you are a more experienced user, EZ-DUB offers a very efficient solution for your copying and storing needs. Not only do the drives have the latest specifications and speeds, the software only needs minimal resources of your PC. This leaves plenty of room for multi-tasking. You don't have to wait for the burning process to finish, but you can continue doing whatever you were doing as the software runs in the background. In case you require more complex functions, you can always use burning software as the EZ-DUB is compatible like any other DVD burner.


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